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How To Repair The Lamp Of Step Down Transformer

This is a repair project with a step down transformer powering a desktop lamp. This project will include the components of lamp- base, bulb, and transformer, and power strip, a soldering iron, and a useful little multi tool set.

Check out the black box. There you will find a remote transformer, which is one of the limitations of the design. The transformer is placed half way between the ends of a power cord that is approx 6 ft long. Transformer is a heavy part that the manufacturer might have had a better design with extra robust casing. When you open the plastic case, you will see-

  • Damaged plastic black case
  • Step down coil with magnetic core
  • Fractured output connector
  • Primary side coil hardwired to AC power cable/cord

Steps for repairing primary side coil

1. Removal of the manufacturer’s potting material to access the primary side coil leads.

Manufacturers of electrical component instantly pot their products with non-conductive material. The potting effect acts as robustness to the product for safety of the consumer. Electrical devices are equipped with sensitive components and potting will immobilize them, which will make the devices more robust against abrasion and mechanical shock.

2. Reconnecting the primary winding leads to the AC power cable

It is an additional step in the troubleshooting process because the soldered connections may have been distorted by step 1.

3. Apply power to the transformer and verify proper operation

When the power cord was reconnected to the primary winding leads, there was a miswire that troubles when power was applied. A loud pop occurred when power was applied that corresponded to a white smoke puff coming from the small mystery component.

How to repair the output connector?

When you check the transformer lamp, you will see the damage happened to the output connector. From outside, it looked to be perfectly fine, but when you open the device, you will find that connector has been fractured in such a way that electrical connections from the transformer float free within the case. This will result in poor performance of the transformer and also leads to short circuit issues that further damage something or hurt someone.

Reassemble and test the step down transformers lamp. Reassemble the cords and transformer case and plugging the switch and switch on the connection. The bulb will glow and there will be no smoke or glowing red component if you did the repair right.

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